Dirk Griesinger
Dirk GriesingerFounder & CEO
Nils Röseler
Nils RöselerHead of Marketing
Patrice Eisert
Patrice EisertManaging Director
Daniel Zick
Daniel ZickRollout Manager
Paul Gerscht
Paul GerschtBusiness Development
Sebastian Peukert
Sebastian PeukertFinance & Human Resources
Clemens Zindler
Clemens ZindlerFinance
Ilka Schroedter
Ilka SchroedterHuman Resources
Anne Ilzig
Anne IlzigHuman Resources
MosesHead of Barking
David Langner
David LangnerSales
Daniel Mais
Daniel MaisSales
Kyung-Hun Cho
Kyung-Hun ChoSales
Jannis Neukamm
Jannis NeukammSales
Katja Rohrbeck
Katja RohrbeckSales
Katharina Adler
Katharina AdlerSales & Contracting
Katja Kreilos
Katja KreilosRecruiting
Nora Brüggemann
Nora BrüggemannRecruiting
Adam Motyl
Adam MotylRecruiting
Sina Kirsanovs
Sina KirsanovsRecruiting
Miriam Hurtado Volkmann
Miriam Hurtado VolkmannRecruiting
Tatjana Mäder
Tatjana MäderRecruiting
Ina Chang
Ina ChangRecruiting
Judith Maria Gröchenig
Judith Maria GröchenigRecruiting
Tina Bunke
Tina BunkeRecruiting
Sara Riahi
Sara RiahiRecruiting
Linda Sonnenburg
Linda SonnenburgRecruiting
Lisa Striebeck
Lisa StriebeckRecruiting
Carolin Bengi
Carolin BengiRecruiting
Mascha Weinkauff
Mascha WeinkauffRecruiting
Danuta Bogusiak
Danuta BogusiakRecruiting
Katja Friedl
Katja FriedlRecruiting
Ronja Marschall
Ronja MarschallRecruiting
Wubamlak Endale
Wubamlak EndaleRecruiting
Elisa Krause
Elisa KrauseRecruiting
Ilias Thier
Ilias ThierRecruiting
Corbin Chen
Corbin ChenRecruiting
Leon Nothegger
Leon NotheggerRecruiting
Christian Schentarra
Christian SchentarraRecruiting
Sebastian Schütze
Sebastian SchützeRecruiting
Ronny Böttcher
Ronny BöttcherManaging Director Leipzig
Doreen Täubig
Doreen TäubigSales
Fanny Benz
Fanny BenzSales
Mario Krause
Mario KrauseSales
Luise Pohlmann
Luise PohlmannRecruiting
Anna Knorr
Anna KnorrRecruiting
Linda Syrbe
Linda SyrbeRecruiting
Jessica Günther
Jessica GüntherRecruiting
Julien Schröder
Julien SchröderRecruiting

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