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Nothing shapes the success of a business as clearly as its employees. Therefore, a competent partner for Recruiting is such an important success factor for the development of your company.

Already more than 100 companies, including start-ups, SMEs and corporations, have experienced our service and build up trust on the recruiting of the interim Group. In over 300 projects, our recruiting experts have helped customers find the right talents quickly and reliably for difficult positions. In general, the right employee would be found in less than 5 weeks. Since our interim recruiters work on-site with you, they take not only the professional side but also social criteria into consider, when searching a talent.

So, with the interim Group, you get the talents, who really fit to the positions and that – without a success commission.

You have to build a whole department? No problem, we have experience with that too. iRecruiting is absolutely scalable, so it also works perfectly when you have more positions to be filled at once. In addition, our iRecruiting is performance-based. You can search and hire as many talents as you like without having to pay extra for each individual job.

Take advantage of the immediate vicinity. Our interim recruiters work as part of your team for you in your company until the project is completed successfully. Your advantages: Short communication paths, transfer of know-how into your company and maximum transparency.
We work according to the performance principle for a fixed price. There are no additional costs or commissions for you, regardless of the number of hired employees.
Our experienced HR and recruiting specialists handle even difficult positions quickly and reliably. Due to the proximity to your team, we have an extraordinarily high success rate, better than headhunters or external recruitment agencies.

Through the on-site work, our recruiters can check not only the technical requirements but also whether potential talents fit into the social structure of your company. This creates the perfect foundation for a long-lasting collaboration.

We give you everything. All profiles collected in the course of the project will be handed over to you uncensored. So, you can scoop out of this pool at any time and refill the position. Of course, without further costs for you!

iRecruiting works just as reliably for filling a position as it does for building a whole department.

iRecruiting works perfectly for just one position to be filled as well as for the whole department to be built.

That’s what our customers say:

"Die Interim-Group ist für uns immer der erste Ansprechpartner, wenn es um schnelles, unkompliziertes und erfolgreiches Recruiting geht. Es gab noch nie ein Projekt ohne Besetzung, die Zusammenarbeit ist extrem angenehm und effizient und das gesamte Team hat sehr schnell verstanden, worauf es uns als Agentur und als Arbeitgeber ankommt – so sind sie stets ein sehr nativer, verlängerter Arm, der uns schon diverseste Male erfolgreich unterstützt hat."

Jörn Mecher, Intermate

"Wir suchen seit einigen Jahren mit Interim Group. Was mich überzeugt ist das Retainer-Konzept, bei dem wir nicht auf kurzfristigen Erfolg bezahlen, sondern auf langfristige Zufriedenheit. Dadurch hat Interim Group für uns immer gute Kandidaten gefunden, die genau unseren Wünschen entsprechen"

Thorben Grosser, EventMobi

"The collaboration with our project recruiter Martina was first-rate and I have not had such a good hiring process in my life as with the interim Group."

Oliver Moser, advalyze

"The interim group is a great support for us. The recruiters we worked with were well-rounded and are very good sparring partners for almost all recruiting topics. Especially with regard to content discussions, they draw on a wealth of experience from other companies and provide a very reflective and differentiated contribution, which has worked well for others and what did not work so well."

Steffen Wicker, HOMEDAY

"Particularly noteworthy is the personal, "relaxed", uncomplicated cooperation and the very good pre-selection of candidates. The feedback from the applicants is also much more positive than with headhunters. Overall, I have the impression that the Interim Group is "ticking" similar to us and thus the applicants can be well informed and picked up."

Janet Wright, IndiTango AG

"The constructive cooperation with interim Group had successfully fulfilled the openings. We were always well informed, updated and participated in the process of the talent search. The communication was strongly valued and punctual. We will keep on working with interim Group!"

Corinna von Büdingen, Johner Institut

"Working together with interim Group was a great pleasure all along. The staff is easy to reach and very flexible. The communication with our project recruiter Judith went especially seamless."

David Gabriel, SMARKETER

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